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Our product device is shown rotating with plastic beads to display the mixing motion of our dual, counter-rotating agitators.

When dealing with agglomerates, the tumbling action imparted via the dryer offers the extra advantage of further more rounding and polishing the granules.

The energy necessities range with regards to the feed moisture material, the ultimate dryness preferred and the choice of heating mediums (steam or thermal fluid)

Example: Our dryer desires 1155 BTU for each pound of drinking water eradicated to dry materials from 20% ds to 90% ds. This can be the “warmth load” at the dryer. To calculate the gas Charge, you might want to Think about loses for the boiler or thermal fluid heater and line loses.

Paddle dryer is an oblique conduction heating form drying unit, and that is ideal for processing elements with good thermal balance such as paste, powder and granular. Soon after Specific configuration, it can be employed for processing warmth delicate supplies, resources that need recover solvents through drying process and components that have to be dried beneath tough vacuum.

Sure, K-S can offer pilot testing at our Technological Middle or at your plant. Info on our check packages is supplied in “References”.

Soon after heat transfer and drying, it truly is discharged through the revolving joint. The fabric is repeatedly fed in to the devices, following it really is agitated and blended close to the paddles. Concurrently, the material is steadily dried by the warmth conduction of paddle and jacket. The height of overflow weir is usually altered to adjust residence time. In addition, steam made from the drying procedure is discharged from the escape gap with trace level of air. 

This horizontal vacuum paddle dryer is competently designed to counter stress developed by temperature variations and vacuum prevailing in the various heated elements. It is just a closed cylindrical vessel Procedure in which hot water, steam or scorching fluid can be used as a heating medium during the jacket, within the hollow Paddle and in the hollow shaft.

Paddle dryers are extremely economical, mechanically stirred, indirect heat transfer gadgets that include or clear away heat from process supplies. The expected heat transfer is reached by heating or cooling the shaft plus the dryer human body.

The shape on the pedals make sure the best possible solution mixing while also letting the pedals to remain cleanse immediately.

The dewatered sludge is fed in at a single close from the paddle dryer with none pre-remedy and conveyed by gravity towards the machine outlet because of the slight downward angle from the trough. Over the long home time on the products inside the equipment, plug move is preserved and presents uniform product good quality. An overflow weir ensures that the merchandise peak is often a similar, even though the evaporated vapor leaves the dryer in the exhaust outlet in the cover to reach the condenser.

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Any residual moisture amount may be chosen for the stop merchandise. This can make the machine PADDLE DRYER well suited for partial drying to 35-forty% dry solids, which is needed previous to incineration of sludge.

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